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SCP page overhauled

I've discovered so much about SCPs since that page was last updated, so I've added a whole lot of new information.


Petzy Things added

This is a hub for any and all Petz-related information I publish on my site. I moved the breeding guide here, as well as added pages for toy adjectives, behavior traits, and SCPs.


Project DB page added

It's not Petz related, but it's my other pet project (no pun intended). I'm gonna be putting script comparisons there, mainly.

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Welcome to Yabiko,

home of the pet converter

Hello there. I'm Reflet, and I mainly create utilities for Petz. I'm a self-taught coder and reverse

Outside of Petz I enjoy FFXIV and am a director/voice actor for Project DB.

I've also started a Discord server dedicated to hacking and modding Petz. Feel free to join, even if you have no technical skill and just wanna be a part of the hype squad, haha.

Support me on Ko-fi!

If you like my work, please consider supporting me <3

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