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Not really an update, but I'm still alive lol

I've just been busy with things outside of Petz, namely Project DB. I also recently rescued a dog of my own :)


Breeding guide added

It goes into depth about how breeding/genetics work in Petz, as well as some tips for starting your own lines.


Neglect-Me-Not v1.0 released

On a whim I decided to make a utility that un-neglects pets en masse because I hate doing it individually via brainsliders. lol. Available on my Downloads page.

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Welcome to Yabiko,

home of the pet converter

Hello there. I'm Reflet, and I mainly create utilities for Petz. I'm a self-taught coder and reverse

Outside of Petz I enjoy FFXIV and am a director/voice actor for Project DB.

I've also started a Discord server dedicated to hacking and modding Petz. Feel free to join, even if you have no technical skill and just wanna be a part of the hype squad, haha.

Testimonials from satisfied dogs

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