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Here I'll have a collection of topics I've reversed that go into some of Petz's inner workings. Enjoy.

If you're going to make use of the genetics/behavior trait knowledge, download my .pet checksum recalculation tool, located on my downloads page.

A breakdown of a pet's "Looks Chromosome", aka their appearance genetics. I originally reversed this in 2017, but due to community concerns about breeding integrity, I wasn't able to share it until now.

This goes into topics of a pet's individual personality traits, as well as the nature of so-called "trotters" and the likes.

A breakdown of how toys describe

themselves, and how pets see them.

The heart of Petz's AI.

Better known as SCP.

State Machine


The backbone of Pet's AI.

Contains information about states, goals, plans, and the likes.

Not complete yet!

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