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Have you ever wondered about the different personality traits your pet has? Have you ever hexed a pet to be a "trotter" or to get rid of "sleepy sickness"? Read on for an overview of the mechanism behind these things: behavior traits!

The Traits

There are 22 behavior traits, each with a range of 0 - 100. They're extremely similar to toy adjectives in the way that they're generated, actually! A breedfile has its own code that it runs whenever a new pet of that breed is created via the Adoption Center. Also like toys, a value can either be hardcoded or randomly generated within a certain range. Breeds with particularly distinctive traits, such as poodles or alley cats, are coded to generate extremely high/low values on specific traits. And, finally, these traits are stored as a data structure within a pet file, so the order of them is consistent. Let's take a look at what these traits actually are:

Liveliness, Playfulness, Independence, Confidence, Naughtiness,

Acrobaticness, Patience, Kindness, Nurturing, Finickiness,

Intelligence, Messiness, Quirkiness, Insanity, Constitution, Metabolism,

Dogginess, LoveDestiny, Fertility, LoveLoyalty, Libido, OffspringSex

Note that LoveDestiny is always 1, Fertility 100, LoveLoyalty 0, and OffspringSex 50.

Also, dogs have a Dogginess value of 100.

Pet Brain Surgery

When we talk about a pet's "personality", usually the first thing that comes to mind is SCP. However, an individual pet actually has its own set of personality attributes that control various aspects about its behavior. Did you know that so-called "trotting", "sleepy sickness", "trickster", oshie shaking, poodle walking, and alley perma-fleas/sickness are actually manifestations of extremely high/low values in certain behavior traits? So editing those values is actually altering your pet's personality slightly! Here is a list of the known effects that can be achieved through editing behavior traits:

Low confidence - Oshie shaking

High confidence - Bulldog chest-puffing

0 Acrobaticness - Trotting (dogs)

100 Kindness - Pet falls asleep when picked up, aka "sleepy sickness"

High Finickiness - Poodle walking

100 Messiness - Alley cat perma-fleas and perma-sickness

100 Dogginess - Makes cat a "trickster"

If anyone observes something not in this list, please email me with your discovery!

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