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Name: Reflet

Age: 20's

Hobbies: Video games, programming, reverse engineering, voice acting


I'm Reflet. I code things.

Hi there. I don't really know what to put here to be honest... I started teaching myself to reverse and code in 2016, because I wanted to solve the problem of Petz 5 pets not being backwards compatible with Petz 3 & 4. Since then, I've discovered a passion for disassembling and reverse engineering software, particularly games. Petz is my main sandbox for that sort of thing.

I also greatly enjoy Final Fantasy XIV. I'm Hibiki Kohakiki on the Jenova server.

My irl fur babies


The goodest girl. If you look up "hangry" in the dictionary, you'd see her picture.

12/9/04 - 4/19/20


She loves twisty ties and tile spacers instead of actual cat toys.

Rescued in October 2015


From Russia with love. Scared of his shadow, but indefatigably loyal.

Rescued in October 2019

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