Name: Reflet

Age: 23

Gender: who cares (they/them)

Hobbies: Video games, programming, reverse engineering, voice acting

I'm Reflet. I code things.

Hi there. I'm a self-taught programmer/reverse engineer...er. I started teaching myself because I wanted to solve the problem of Petz 5 pets not being backwards compatible with Petz 3 & 4.

Outside of Petz I'm currently co-leading a fan project to bring a real English localization + voice dub to BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

I also greatly enjoy Final Fantasy XIV. I'm Hibiki Kohakiki on the Jenova server. My Free Company, Hide N Seek, is a super friendly group that is always accepting new people.

Andrew & Bucky's wedding

"Does this look like a beach to you?"

Songbird duo

Friendship circle

New competition in town

S rank gathering


the hunt train experience

My irl fur babies


Fourteen year old lazy cockapoo

Adopted in March 2005


Six year old lovebug kitty

Rescued in October 2015


Two year old nervous (but sweet) doggo

Rescued in October 2019

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